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Sometimes teenagers feel overwhelming and intense emotional pain and distress. To manage or reduce these feelings, some young people may think about hurting themselves. This can be very confusing and confronting for them and for the people who care about them.

Self-harm means any behaviour which involves the deliberate causing of pain or injury to oneself, and can include cutting, burning or hitting oneself, binge-eating or starvation, or repeatedly putting oneself in dangerous situations. It can also involve abuse of drugs or alcohol, including overdosing on prescription medications.

Self-harm can be something that someone tries once, or it can become a habit as they search for relief from distress. The problem is that this relief is only temporary, and the underlying issues and emotional pain usually remain.

The following resources are available to you and your family, to learn more about self-harm and the support options available. Click on the logos for quick access to resources.