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Drama is a dynamic learning experience that caters for a diverse range of students. The study of Drama engages and challenges students to maximise their individual abilities through imaginative, dramatic experiences created in cooperation with others. In Drama, Students develop creative and critical thinking skills in a collaborative and engaging learning environment.

Students performing in the North Sydney Drama Festival in 2018.

Year 7 Drama

Students have one period allocated to Drama a fortnight. The Year 7 Drama course runs in conjunction with English and many of the skills developed can be transferred to their study of English (and other KLAs).

In Year 7 Drama, lessons combine theory and practical activities. Lessons begin with class discussions based on the focus of the lesson, which leads into the experiential learning of skills and concludes with reflection in a verbal and written manner. In Year 7 Drama, students learn about improvisation and playbuilding, using the voice and body expressively, characterisation and working with scripts.

The Year 7 Drama course provides students in their first year of high school with an opportunity to work collaboratively with different students whilst developing their confidence and creativity.

Year 9 and 10 Drama

Drama is an elective subject that students can choose to pick in Years 9 and 10. Activities undertaken in class range from developing performance pieces to designing costumes to scriptwriting to viewing theatrical performances. Playbuilding and improvisation are used throughout Drama as a tool to learn about new concepts and present an understanding of different theatre styles and techniques. This course includes group and individual work, and students are required to record their learning in a logbook.

Year 11 and Year 12 Drama

Drama is a 2 Unit subject that students can choose to study in Years 11 and 12. In the Preliminary and HSC courses, students will:

  • develop an appreciation of the processes involved in Drama and Theatre
  • appreciate the contribution made by Drama and Theatre to societies
  • develop a range of performance and production skills
  • gain self-discipline, confidence and an awareness of group work responsibilities
  • increase their communication skills through a variety of dramatic techniques.
  • learn about Australian and World Drama and Theatre Practitioners.


OnSTAGE is a presentation and exhibition of exemplary group and individual performances and projects by HSC Drama students. In 2019 Riverside had one group performance nominated for OnSTAGE, and in 2018 one group performance and one individual performance were nominated.

Extra-curricular Opportunities

As well as being an elective subject, there are many Drama extra-curricular activities available for students. These include Drama clubs, Drama festival performances, assembly performances and our annual school production.

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