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We aim to empower students to follow any career path of their choice. An essential part of going to high school is thinking about what you will do when you leave.

The Careers Centre is located near room 14. The RGHS Careers Advisers are Ms Lemon and Ms Soares.

At Riverside, approximately 90% of our students go on to tertiary study. Our dedicated Careers Centre has information about tertiary and other educational opportunities. Students are encouraged to discuss their future studies and career aspirations with the Careers Adviser. 

Activities include work experience programs available to all Year 10, 11, and 12 students. Students also attend career immersion opportunities and Expos and participate in various industry events, including the Property Council of Australia's “Girls in Property.”

At school, visiting speakers discuss career opportunities, including Cadetships, Entrepreneurship, Women in Technology and multiple university information sessions.

We provide specialised and individual assistance with:

  • Subject Selection - 10 into 11
  • University Special and Early Entry Programs
  • Educational Assistance Schemes (EAS)
  • Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS)
  • Scholarship and Cadetship applications
  • International student university applications
  • TAFE and vocational pathways
  • School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Riverside Careers Exploration

Careers Websites and useful links

Click to visit our Riverside Careers website. You'll find great careers resources and information there.

Click to go to our JobJump website. This is a great place to start researching future jobs, traineeships and more.

Beyond Riverside

Universities Admissions Centre

All the details you need to explore your options and make an informed decision about your future tertiary study.

Universities Admissions Centre: SRS

School recommendation Schemes (SRS) are one way institutions make early offers of undergraduate admission to Year 12 students. They do this by using criteria other than (or in addition to) the ATAR.

Universities Admissions Centre: EAS

The Educational Access Scheme (EAS) helps UAC applicants who have encountered significant educational challenges. It gives them the opportunity to have their circumstances taken into account when institutions select applicants for courses.

Traineeships and Apprenticeships

Traineeships and apprenticeships combine work-based training with an employer and formal training from a training provider.