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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD means bring your own device.


Riverside Girls is a BYOD school which means every student in every year group brings a device to school everyday. All teachers integrate the use of technology into their classes for student inquiry, collaboration, access to resources, class organisation and content creation.  

Students bring a range of devices to use as tools in their learning. These devices should be brought to school fully charged and ready for use. Mobile phones are not considered to be learning devices.

The bring your own device program is implemented across the school. 

Infinite opportunities for learning

Integration of laptops/devices into our everyday teaching and learning will enable students to access more engaging learning experiences, as well as equipping them with the skills needed to successfully navigate the world outside of school. Sometimes referred to as 21st Century Skills, our school encourages the use of technology to enhance;

  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Criticial thinking and problem solving
  • Communication

The laptop/device will be one of many learning tools that students are expected to use in class and is not inteneded to totally replace pen and paper. Writing is still an integral part of learning at Riverside, with our BYOD program simply providing greater acces to resources, enabling increased student choice and a more individualised learning experience. 

Which device is best for my daughter?

Both current research and results from our own BYOD trial class suggests that students will be more inclined to bring and use their laptop if a school allows some kind of choice as to which device to bring. We are therefore allowing students to bring a device of their choice which falls within our device specifications (see device specifications page)

The main choices are either a Windows or Mac laptop. Ipads and Surface tablets can also be brought to school. 

Windows or Mac?
There is no preferred operating system. Both Windows and Mac access our school network satisfactorily. 

Device specifications

The most important element of the device is ensuring it has the correct wireless capabilities or it won't be able to connect ot the internet at school. See the device specifications page for wireless specs.

A long battery life, protective cover or sleeve and general sturdiness are the next two most important things. 

Information about connecting to our network and printing

Students can find information about connecting to the network, printing and other resources on the student resources page.

Student expectations and user agreement

Students are required to bring their fully charged laptop/device every day. Although students may not necessarily be using the device for every minute of every lesson, it is a requirement of the program that they have access to it when needed. 

All students and parents must read, sign and return the BYOD user agreement, annually which sets out student responsibilties if they are to continue to use the device at school. 

Our equity program - providing access for all students 

Long term loan device

We understand that the purchase of a laptop can be expensive and will not be possible for every family in our school community. To ensure all students have access to a device, we have set aside a number of used Windows laptops that students can borrow for a period of time. These laptops have been specifically built for students and will have no trouble performing all required tasks.

If you wish to enquire about accessing a loan device, please contact the Principal on the school's number. 

Short term loan device

If your laptop is broken/out of use for less than three months and you need a loan laptop, please see Head Teacher Teaching and Learning, or your Year Adviser.

Information for Year 7 

Students can bring their choice of device (laptop/tablet/Widows/Mac etc) as long as it complies with the device specifications.

Students and parents will need to sign and return a user agreement which outlines student expectations and responsibilities before students can use the device at school. This will be in your Orientation Pack.