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Facta Non Verba

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Principal's message

Riverside is proud of providing quality education for over 80 years. Academic results are traditionally high and students are keen and motivated to be active citizens in their world.

The positive school culture and opportunities build a better version of each student, supporting them to achieve their personal best in a safe and nourishing environment.

As the world is changing especially with technology and connectedness, so the classrooms of Riverside are changing. Real life problem solving, pitching your personal skills and interests, working with and respecting others, using advanced technology as a tool: this is the classroom of today. 

But the essence of who we are remains the same. The culture supports high expectations and curiosity, confident self-directed learners and the development of students who care deeply about society and of each other. It is a place where everyone is valued and celebrated for the unique skills and talents that they bring.

That is why the school’s directions for the next 3 years are: inquiry, empower and connect.

On Open Day last year, a parent approached one of the teachers at a display and said, “ you talk a lot about learning here!” I see this as a great compliment.  We support students by building learning relationships of trust and respect.

Ms Belinda.J.Kelly  Principal
M.A. (Hons) Dip. Ed.

Effort is celebrated. Reflection on continual improvement is also expected and facilitated. In particular, creative and critical thinking opportunities abound.

My personal measure of the school’s success:

·      Teachers and students want to come every day

·      Parents feel welcome

·      Students can articulate what it means to be creative

·      Students have strong foundation skills in reading, writing and numeracy

·      They can tell you the difference they wish to make in the world. Facta non Verba (deeds not words).

Riverside has succeeded in providing a wealth of happy memories and satisfaction for generations of women who want their daughters and granddaughters to become part of their own heritage, to say with pride, “I am a Riverside girl”.

An education at Riverside will develop a young person capable of forging their own way ahead in a complex world.

I am very proud to be principal of this great school. 

Belinda Kelly
M.A. (Hons) Dip. Ed.

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein, 20th century philosopher