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Software download

Google Workspace for Riverside students

All students will have access to Riverside Girls High School's own domain for Google Workspace for education at no cost. This gives students an easy way to create, share and store documents, presentations, spreadsheets in the Google Cloud. Each student receives 10GB of storage and receives their own Riverside gmail account. 

Information on how to login to Riverside's Google Workspace is available from your teachers.

Year 7 will be setting up their Riverside Google Workspace account as part of their ICT lessons.

Downloading software for DoE students

Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Software can be downloaded from the DoE Student Portal.

Each student has free access to Microsoft Office 365 and can download the software onto either a Windows or Mac laptop. A student only can download the software on ONE device as it is single user license. The DoE also offers One Drive use for all students using their DoE email account.

Students can also download an array of software from the Adobe Creative Suite such as Photoshop if they wish; however, it is not a requirement for general use in core subjects.

Primary use of the devices for the following tasks across all subjects. Any specialised software for subjects such as Music, Design and ICT is available on the school’s desktop computer labs.