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Device specifications

Which device is best for my daughter?

Both current research and results from our own BYOD trial class suggests that students will be more inclined to bring and use their laptop if a school allows some kind of choice as to which device to bring. We are therefore allowing students to bring a device of their choice which falls within our device specifications (see device specifications page)

The main choices are either a Windows or Mac laptop. Ipads and Surface tablets can also be brought to school. However, results from our current Year 9 students who have already started our BYOD program suggests that Surface tablets and laptops are easier to use for the variety of tasks required at school. (see device specifications)

Windows or Mac?
There is no preferred Operating System. Both Windows and Macs work equally within our school network. 

Form factor

Laptop, tablet device or convertible device  

A tablet device must have a physical keyboard attachment with separate keys for A – Z and 0 – 9 and which physically move when depressed.  

A mobile phone or tablets are not a acceptable devices

Physical dimensions

Maximum Screen Size: 13.3” 

Operating system

Windows 10 or newer

Apple MacOS X 10.10 or newer

**Wireless compatibility** 

**This is the most important specification as there will be no internet access if your device does not comply** 

Device MUST have 5GHz-­‐ 802.11 a/b/g/n, 802.11 a/g/n or 802.11 ac  to connect 

(Must have the ‘a’ to connect to a 5ghz network) 

Devices with 802.11 b/g/n or 802.11 n will not connect 

Battery life

Advertised battery life of at least six hours 

(There are not facilities to charge laptops in classrooms) 

Additional considerations:  

The following are not requirements of the "Bring Your Own Device "program, but are considerations which you should direct your attention to: 

Maximum weight: 2kg  

Minimum RAM (laptops): 4GB  

Disk configuration (laptops): Solid State disk (SSD)  

Protective cover/sleeve 


Accidental loss and breakage insurance Anti Virus Protection

Software specification 

Additionally, students will need to perform the following tasks on the device and therefore have relevant software for each task.  Before purchasing expensive software, please read the following two points; 

• Google Apps provides the ability to create and store documents, presentations and spread sheets for free. This works ‘in the cloud’ and work can be shared across a variety of devices and operating systems. The Google suite comes at no cost as the school has proactively acquired access for all students.

• Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite. These are available to students for free from the DEC Portal so you do not need to buy any expensive software. Available for both Mac and Windows laptops. Students are to download independently. Instructions are on the Riverside Student Portal aswell as the DET Student Portal.