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A school of outstanding opportunity

When asked what the best thing is about their school, Riverside students always mention two things: their teachers and the opportunities available. Why opportunity? Because girls particularly enjoy the nurturing of friendships outside the classroom; indulging in a new passion and showing the community their pride for their school.

Excellence in girls education is about opportunity: to be academic, sporty, reflective, empathetic, creative, eccentric, socially aware - opportunity to be ‘the you within’.

Through our co-curricular activities and camp programs students become independent thinkers, can voice their opinions and take responsibility for their actions.

'This is a school that if you seize what it has to offer, allows you to be you - the you, you wish to be.

Mr Slow
Retirement speech, a teacher at Riverside for 34 years.

Co-curricular activities

Mock trial

The mock trial competition is conducted by the law society of NSW and is a practical means of introducing students to the law and to increase understanding of the basis of our judicial system. The competition also helps students to increase basic skills such as listening, speaking, writing, reading and analysing. The goal is not to win for the sake of winning, but to learn and understand the meaning of good citizenship through participation in our system of law and justice. All who participate in the mock trial competition are winners in this sense.

The environment club

Students can join the environment club to learn about sustainable gardening and maintain the school’s extensive vegetable and bush tucker gardens which have become a cottage industry commercial venture within the school. They can learn about resource management and propose solutions to help reduce waste and also to beautify the grounds.

Duke of Edinburgh

Each year students may participate in the bronze and silver award program.

Barista school

Students have an opportunity to develop skills in business and teamwork and to value professional presentation. All achieved through the barista school which sells coffee to staff and students two days per week.