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A school of outstanding opportunity

When asked what the best thing is about their school, Riverside students always mention two things: their teachers and the opportunities available. Why opportunity? Because girls particularly enjoy the nurturing of friendships outside the classroom; indulging in a new passion and showing the community their pride for their school.

Excellence in girls education is about opportunity: to be academic, sporty, reflective, empathetic, creative, eccentric, socially aware - opportunity to be ‘the you within’.

Through our co-curricular activities and camp programs students become independent thinkers, can voice their opinions and take responsibility for their actions.

'This is a school that if you seize what it has to offer, allows you to be you - the you, you wish to be.

Mr Slow
Retirement speech, a teacher at Riverside for 34 years.


Group Coordinator Staffroom
Debating Dr. Dutch Lower Staffroom
Mock Trial (year 10 &11) Ms Peich & Ms Touma Lower Staffroom
Public speaking Dr. Dutch Lower Staffroom
STEM club Mr Young TAS Staffroom

Creative + Performing Arts


Coordinator  Staffroom 
Annual Musical/play Ms Young Lower Staffroom
Dance Company & Ensemble Ms Mitchell Office
Jazz Ensemble Ms Wang Inwood
Junior Orchestra Ms Wang Inwood
Senior Orchestra Ms Wang Inwood
Vocal Ensemble Ms Wang

Community, Interests and Hobbies

Group Coordinator Staffroom
AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience) Ms Farr Lower Staffrooom
Amnesty International Mr Jones Lower Staffrom
Chess Club Mr Cranson Inwood
Enviro Club Mr James, Ms Glansbeek Inwood, PDHPE
Learning Beyond the Bell Ms Ragen-Harrison  Upper Staffroom
LITE (Christian Student Group) Ms Piper and Ms Burgman Lower Staffroom
Media Team Ms Mihailou TAS Staffroom
Student Representative Council Ms Mitchell Office
Barista Mr Blundell Multimedia Centre



Group Coordinator Staffroom
Duke of Edinburgh Ms Moloney PDHPE
Fitness Club Ms Armaghanian PDHPE
Knock-Out teams Various PDHPE
Volleyball Mr Lowe Inwood
Water Polo   Lower stafroom
School sport  Ms Schmidt PDHPE