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About our school

Our students are creative, confident and are aware of their skills and talents so they are ready to take on the world.

We provide the opportunities and learning experiences for each student to help them excel in unique ways. Every student matters.

Our students are encouraged to have a voice and to make a difference in their world.

There is an energy at Riverside and a calm connectedness.

We build quality teacher – student relationships built upon learning. We like to challenge students as we support them to be the best version of themselves.

We value grit, respect and the time for reflection that leads to continual growth. Our young women are resilient, self-directed young citizens who can come up with solutions.

School priorities

Students are the centre of all we do. From 2018 -2020 our three directions are inquire; empower and connect. This means we are focused on:

  • development of confident, articulate young women with high self esteem
  • promotion of excellence and achievement, especially in HSC results
  • promotion of public education
  • valuing and appreciating diversity and differences
  • peaceful resolution of conflict
  • improving all aspects of student learning outcomes
  • refining assessment and reporting of student achievements to show what students know and can do, and what they need to do to improve.
  • student leadership opportunities
  • rejecting bullying and harassment and focusing on positive psychology and the importance of being in the moment.
  • a strengths and solutions approach in all that we do including having solutions focused conversations with students
  • build optimism, resilience and hope which we call GRIT
  • extending opportunities for gifted and talented students
  • providing support and a focus on the dstrengtsh of students with special needs
  • the application of a strengths and solutions approach in all that we do.

The values which underpin the school’s activities are:

  • developing resilience 
  • behaving with respect
  • taking responsibility for learning
  • understanding the importance of reflection both in learning and in growth.