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High Potential and Gifted Education Program

2025 Year 7 High Potential and Gifted Education Program

At Riverside, we offer the opportunity for students to apply to be placed in our High Potential and Gifted Education (HPGE) Program.

The HPGE class

We offer an HPGE class in Years 7-10. Students who are selected to join this program in Year 7 remain in this class until Year 10 (only for core classes in Years 9 and 10).

This class is provided with an enriched curriculum where each student is extended in all subjects and is encouraged to use higher order thinking, creativity and inquiry based learning.

Where applicable, the curriculum will be compacted. This ensures students are not simply repeating work they already understand, and leaves the teacher free to provide enriched learning opportunities according to student need and interest.

We believe it is imperative that all students are extended. Potential has no limits. Every one of our expert teachers has completed professional learning in differentiating the curriculum to ensure our talented students in mixed ability classes have access to an extended curriculum to meet their needs. Understanding how to personalise learning is a priority of the school's professional learning program.

What are the enriched learning opportunities offered to the HPGE students

Students in our HPGE program participate in a number of curriculum and co-curricula activities, such as;

  • Portfolio tasks/student choice
  • Thematic studies-deeper, broader content exploration
  • Self-directed/independent learning
  • Groupwork/collaboration
  • Entrepreneurship program/real-world learning
  • ICT/STEM activities such as robotics/VR/coding
  • Peer-led instruction/peer-tutorials
  • A differentiated curriculum in all subjects

Can students be moved in and out of the HPGE class?

Recommendations may be made by teachers for students who demonstrate exceptional talent across a variety of subject. These recommendations are assessed by the Principal and may be referred to the student and parent with an invitation to apply to join the program. If successful in the test and interview, the student will be placed in the HPGE class.

A student would only be moved out of the HPGE class if they are not meeting school learning expectations. Before the student is moved, however, there would be a negotiated improvement plan developed between the student, parent and school to support the student in meeting expectations.