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Positive psychology

Thriving - embracing the positive

Cultivating what's best within ourselves will assist each of us to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. We each have strengths and virtues which can be harnessed to enable us to thrive!

Riverside is committed to providing opportunities to assist students to accentuate the positive.  We work to see this value brought to life at our school.

Some strategies to keep the focus on the positive are:

  • a 'gratitude' page in the student diary
  • workshops with a trained psychologist in the "Mindfulness" approach
  • talking openly about emotional intelligence and developing the skills to read 'situations'
  • developing strategies for coping and having conversations about resilience
  • completing 'strength tests' and publishing these for peers to acknowledge and for teachers to refer to when using group work
  • developing social awareness through fundraising days to support community groups and charities
  • regular whole school assemblies organised by students which celebrate successes across the school.

'When we work together, we grow together, let's see how tall we can become.' Ms T, Year 7 Adviser.