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Learning Coaches

“My learning coach has not only given me motivation to strive in my school work and improve on my work ethic but has also allowed me to connect with my peers more.”

Year 7 have an allocated lesson each fortnight with their Learning Coach to focus on developing learning habits. The Learning Coaches are also their class teacher for one subject so they really get to know the individual students well.

Each Learning Coach is an experienced teacher who can make professional judgements about the class’s learning needs. The lessons could involve:

  • Diary use
  • understanding assignments and homework support using the peer support leaders
  • providing writing samples for analysis and specific literacy support – growth evidence setting learning goals
  • discussion of learning styles and study habits
  • discussing and reviewing plans and deadlines for assignments
  • organisational and time management skills

How our teachers define 'Learning Coach':

  • 'A mentor for guiding students through the new learning environment of high school.'
  • 'Opens the door to learning.  Gives students a new lens for success.'
  • 'Provides students with tools to help with their learning and see their self-worth in the classroom.'
  • 'To install a love of learning and empower them with skills to do that.'
  • 'A facilitator to develop student’s own learning strategies.'

As a result of being a Learning Coach, they feel:

  • 'It has fostered building a quality learning relationship with students and also has given me a stronger connection within my class in my linked subject area.'
  • 'It’s an avenue for students to articulate and direct their own learning. I have become a learning adviser with a deeper level of engagement with my students and consequently, I have a clearer understanding of what students need to truly learn'.

Here are some evaluations from the Year 7 students  when asked if the learning coach periods should continue:

  • 'Learning Coach really helps me with having a growth mindset.  Having a growth mindset helps me with my confidence and believing in myself.  This makes me more confident when presenting in front of the class because I set a goal and try to achieve it.'
  • 'In Year 7 you get a lot more homework than you got last year which can be a big struggle and this is where the meditation comes in handy and I found it very helpful. Before I had to do a lot of homework and assessments I would just do a quick meditation and then get straight into the homework that I had to do that night.'
  • 'I’ve been able to finish all of my assignments and homework on time because of GRIT.  If it weren’t for my Learning Coach I wouldn’t have learnt about GRIT and I mightn’t have handed all my assignments in on time.'
  • 'At the start of each lesson, we spend ten to fifteen minutes  doing meditation.  This part of the lesson makes me relax and let my mind drift off to sleep.  We also sometimes work on concentration. We usually go down to the yarning circle and play some games.'
  • 'We have also learnt about how to get a better mindset and self esteem and we have learnt how to basically pick our selves up after a bad time.'
  • 'I actually learnt a lot of skills that I have used recently.  For example the other day when we had to get up in front of the class and read out lines for English I forgot one of my lines but I didn’t let it destroy me and I just focused on the positives and not the negatives.  Like how I did remember the other 5 lines and only forgot one line.'
  • 'It is these learning coach lessons where I don’t only learn about my wellbeing and study strategies but where I feel connected.  It’s a place I can ask anything, a place where there is right or wrong answer.'
  • 'I could say “why? how? when?” to know my main objective in this goal.  It really helped me.'

Yr 7 and 8 ePortfolios

ePortfolios are an opportunity for students to select work that they believe showcases their improvement and growth. This includes drafts and versions other than their final, “best” finished work.

In learning coach periods, students are unpacking what they understand the following terms to mean creative thinking, critical thinking and uploading work that shows their understanding.

Each faculty allocates some time for students to add to their ePortfolio and choose a focus: in HSIE it is ‘Challenge’. Students reflect on their decision for their choice of work.

Students give teachers access to their Google site and they publish at the end of each term. They will make it public within RGHS so all teachers (not students) can see their progress and also so that the portfolio be used as a conversation starter with parents at sharing sessions.