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2021 Year 11 Course Selection

In Stage 6 (Years 11-12) students select courses based on what career or tertiary education they wish to achieve. Year 11 students can choose between 12 and 13 units. These are selected the year before from a pool of offered courses. As the selection process is based on course popularity, not all courses offered will run.

Information about tertiary education, ATARs, courses offered and more can be found in our Beyond Year 10 HandbookYou can also view faculty presentations on the courses offered for 2021 below.

Information from the NSW Education Standards Authority

Courses offered at Riverside in 2021

These courses are offered for selection in 2020. This is not a guarantee that these courses will run in 2021.

  • 2U Music Course 1
  • 2U Music Course 2
  • 2U Visual Arts
  • 2U Photography & Digital Imaging (non-ATAR)

View the CAPA Presentation

  • 2U Drama
  • 2U English Advanced
  • 2U English Standard
  • 2U English Studies (Category B)
  • 2U English as an Additional Language or Dialect
  • 1U English Extension 1
  • 1U English Extension 2 (Year 12)
  • 1U Philosophy (Year 11)

View the English Presentation

  • 2U Ancient History
  • 2U Business Studies
  • 2U Economics
  • 2U Geography
  • 2U Legal Studies
  • 2U Modern History
  • 2U Society & Culture

View the HSIE Presentation

  • 2U French Continuers

  • 2U Mathematics Advanced
  • 2U Mathematics Standard 2
  • 2U Mathematics Standard 1 (Category B)
  • 1U Mathematics Extension 1
  • 1U Mathematics Extension 2 (Year 12 Subject)

View the Mathematics Presentation

  • 2U Dance
  • 2U Community & Family Studies
  • 2U Personal Health, Development & Physical Education

View the PDHPE Presentation

  • 2U Biology
  • 2U Chemistry
  • 2U Earth & Environmental Science
  • 2U Investigating Science
  • 2U Physics

View the Science Presentation

  • 2U Design & Technology
  • 2U Food Technology
  • 2U Hospitality (VET)
  • 2U Information Processes & Technology
  • 2U Textiles & Design

View the TAS presentation